Rocket League Flooded With Negative Reviews On Steam After The Acquisition Of Epic Games

Rocket League

Rocket League is the new illustrious victim of Steam review bombing. The arcade title and the Psyonix developers have recently been acquired by Epic Games, and it seems that the PC community has misinformed the news to such an extent that they have massively protested on the pages of Valve’s marketplace.

The average of user reviews on Steam has plummeted over the past few hours, bringing the overall rating from “Very Positive” to “Mixed”. However, Valve intervened in person to put an end to the users’ uprising, selecting the negative reviews that referred to Epic Games and cataloging them in the “Off-Topic Activities” section. The reviews in question are still perfectly visible on the store but are no longer counted to determine the judgment on the Rocket League.

Following the surprising announcement of the acquisition completed by Epic Games, many have wondered if Rocket League could soon be removed from Steam to become a real exclusive Epic Store on PC. The Fortnite company has stated that, at least for the moment, there is no plan for such an operation. Once the acquisition procedures are closed, Epic will focus on providing the best ongoing support to the Rocket League, which has already enriched itself and expanded considerably from the original publication to date.