Detroit Become Human: David Cage Traces The Origins Of The Project

Detroit Become Human- David Cage Traces The Origins Of The Project

This month will mark the twenty-second anniversary of the founding of the Quantic Dream studios, and so David Cage decides to share his thoughts on his company on Twitter, retracing the fundamental steps of the Detroit Become Human development.

“We were inspired by Plato, Nietzsche and Aristotle, trying to learn from them and from many other philosophers,” said the French author, emphasizing how the Detroit Become Human project wanted to “talk about our society, segregation, discrimination, of domestic violence, of the right to be different, of humanism. How can a video game deal with such delicate matters? ” .

In stressing that the success of a modern entertainment product should not necessarily be violent and based on activities that involve “killing people or things” , David Cage wanted to thank everyone, including developers and community members themselves , which helped write the immense digital book of Detroit: Become Human and determined, with their actions, the success of this title .

“Detroit Become Human would be nothing without this wonderful community of people who, all over the world, love the game, talk about it and create fan art” , was the final message that Cage launched to his fans before taking his leave and reminding us that the project required 4,000 pages of screenplay and 300 characters for a total of 30,000 motion capture sessions in a year of filming .

At this point we just have to wait for the announcement of the official Detroit launch date: Become Human on the Epic Store.