Duke Nukem 3D Playable In VR Thanks To A Serious Sam 3 Mod

Duke Nukem 3d Playable In VR Thanks To A Serious Sam 3 Mod

While there are those who like to stuff GTA V with mods to make fake 4K videos of GTA 6, from the volcanic scene of PC modders comes a new project dedicated, this time, to the historic 3D Realms shooter Duke Nukem 3D.

The experienced modder of Serious Sam 3 known in the community as Syndroid has in fact decided to pay tribute to the great classic of the shooter genre starring the Duke using the graphics assets of the controversial Duke Nukem Forever to realize a singular VR reinterpretation of Duke Nukem 3D.

Compared to the original version of 1996, this edition of DN3D boasts enemies with much more refined polygonal models placed in completely three-dimensional environments: thanks to the development tools implemented by Croteam in the 2011 chapter of the sparkling FPS series by Serious Sam, Syndroid has so it was possible to reconstruct the levels of the 3D realms masterpiece of the 90s to allow its enthusiasts to visit them once more with their VR headset .

The explanatory gameplay trailer that stands out at the beginning of the article allows us to appreciate the work done by the author of the Serious Duke 3D crossover project, which can be downloaded for free from the Steam pages in its preliminary version including the first four levels.