Fallout 4: Thanks to a Mod You Can Give the Characters an Anime Look

While Bethesda continues to actively support Fallout 76 to the sound of patches (the next one will arrive on Tuesday), the community does the same with Fallout 4 realizing the most disparate mods. In the last period, the modification called Animerace Nanako-chan, which gives all the women of the Commonwealth an exquisite anime look, came to the fore.

The mod adds an entirely new race to the editor and affects both the user-controlled and non-player characters. For the moment the creator does not seem willing to reserve the same treatment also for male characters … the new breed is in fact composed exclusively of women. The new characters have different facial expressions available and are compatible with numerous types of hair, even if the longer ones can give clipping problems and penetrate the polygonal model of the body (it can happen, when you are dealing with the editor so complex).

You can see the mod at work in the attached video at the below of this news, which by the way is in Japanese. It may be superfluous to specify it, but we do the same: the mod is only compatible with the PC version of Fallout 4.