Fortnite Endgame The Crossover Event Between the Battle Royale and Avengers Is About to End!

Fortnite Endgame: The Crossover Event Between the Battle Royale and Avengers Is About to End!

During the day of April 25th, Thanos, Chitauri and the Infinity Gems invaded the title of Epic Games, with the introduction of the new Fortnite Endgame time mode.

The special MAT thus started a crossover event between the battle royale and the new Marvel Cinematic Universe film. This sees two different factions in the game: the team of heroes and the team of Thanos, with the first engaged in the attempt to defeat the threatening army, in turn, dedicated to the search for the powerful gems of the infinite. It seems, however, that the Fortnite X Avengers event is about to end, thus putting an end to the comparison. To announce it is the official Twitter account of Fortnite, through the twittering that you can find at the bottom of this news. With the latter, the Epic Games team invites us to complete the challenges related to the special event as long as it is still possible, as “Avengers timed mode: Endgame will be leaving soon “.

A period of strong change is therefore confirmed for Fortnite, which during the evening of Saturday 4 May saw the game map upset. In fact, during a special event, Hanging Pinnacles and the Commerce Course were destroyed. At the same time, the video players had the chance to vote for the in-game reintroduction of an object previously removed from the battle royale: consequently, the Drum Gun is back in Fortnite!

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