Fortnite Let's Relive the Unvaulting Event Thanks to a Cinematic Replay

Fortnite: Let’s Relive the Unvaulting Event Thanks to a Cinematic Replay

Yesterday evening 7 May, a few days before the start of Season 9, the shared game world of Fortnite Battaglia Reale was once again upset by an event of great proportions.

The bazaar of Sponde del Sacework was finally opened to welcome the players, who were placed before a vote. To the sound of pickaxes, they had the opportunity to choose an object to bring back into the game, among the many that have been placed in the warehouse in the past. To win, with a large margin, was the Drum Gun, a powerful weapon that has always been much appreciated by the community. It is already found on the battlefields but will be excluded from the upcoming World Cup qualifiers to avoid altering the delicate balance.

After the vote, the players took off to watch the spectacular eruption of the volcano, which literally destroyed Pinnacles Pendants and Corso Commercio. From now on, nothing will be the same. If for one reason or another you have not been able to participate in all this, then we have what is right for you: a cinema movie made with replay mode, without the user interface and free from the constraints imposed by the classic third camera person. Thanks to it, you can see up close all the highlights of the Fortnite Unvaulting event. Find it at the top of the news, enjoy it!

The video can be incredibly useful even for those who could not attend the event due to technical problems, for which Epic Games has already apologized. To make up for it, he will give the Arcana hang glider to all the players who entered the dedicated playlist last night. Those who had already purchased it will be reimbursed.

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