Fortnite, Problems During the Unvaulting Event A Hang Glider as a Gift to the Participants

Fortnite, Problems During the Unvaulting Event: A Hang Glider as a Gift to the Participants

Last night all the colors have happened in Fortnite: the expected Unvaulting event, expected by the data miners and anticipated by Epic, has finally taken place. Players have gained access to the Shore Bunker bunker, where they could vote for a return to the game of one of the weapons placed in the warehouse in recent months.

To win, a great demand, was the Pistola a Tamburo, an extremely powerful and one of the most loved guns in the community. After the vote (which took place, in full Fortnite style, with blows of picks), the players were thrown into the sky to watch the destruction of Hanging Pinnacles and Corso Commercio, which took place following the explosion of the volcano.

A real show to which, unfortunately, due to some technical problems not everyone could attend. In the games of numerous players, when the countdown has reached zero, nothing has happened: no chance to vote and no eruption to attend. Epic Games intervened on Twitter to apologize to everyone, and to make up for it, decided to give the Arcana hang glider to all those who joined the event playlist. Users who have already purchased it will be reimbursed for the full amount spent, equivalent to 1,500 V-Buck. This epic level hangs glider, we remember, is arriving at the item store yesterday. Epic Games is also working to make replay files available, through which everyone can relive the event (without the possibility to vote, for obvious reasons).

Do you think this gift is enough to make up for the disservice? Has anyone among you been unable to follow the live event? Let us know in the comments!

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