Fortnite: The Players Expressed Themselves The Drum Gun Is Back!

Fortnite, The Players Expressed Themselves The Drum Gun Is Back!

During the evening of Saturday 4 May, Fortnite welcomed a special event, which gave gamers the chance to choose an object to reintroduce into the title.

During the latter, which readers can relive through a Fortnite Unvaulting film replay, active users inside the battle royale were able to personally influence the evolution of the game. Epic Games has in fact offered gamers the opportunity to choose to reintroduce an object previously removed from the software house. During the Unvaulting event, therefore, the players expressed themselves: to be the most voted item was the Drum Gun, who had abandoned the shores of the game map following the publication of the Fortnite 5.40 update. Now, the weapon is available again within the game. Have you also contributed to this choice? Or would you have preferred to restore one of the other proposed objects? 

The evening of Saturday 4 May was altogether rich in different emotions. Not only did the battle royale welcome the Unvaulting event, but the game map also suffered considerable upheavals. In fact, the volcano exploded, eventually leading to the destruction of the Pinnacles and Hanging Trade areas! However, some inefficiencies prevented the community from attending the events: therefore, Epic Games decided to offer arcana hang glider as a gift in Fortnite.