Fortnite Unvaulted- Volcano Explosion Destroys Hanging Pinnacles And Trade Course

Fortnite: Unvaulted Volcano Explosion Destroys Hanging Pinnacles And Trade Course

Unvaulted of Fortnite event, connected to the Nexus dimensional rift that opened in Bunker Lake Loot, caused the explosion of the volcano and the complete destruction of Pinaccoli Pendants and Commerce Corso, two of the most famous areas of the map of Fortnite.

In the video that you can admire at the top of the news, one of the many explorers of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale island who participated in the Loot Lake Bunker event bears witness to the time of the volcano’s explosion and the devastation caused by lapilli and debris that hit the buildings of Corso Commercio and Pinnacoli Pendenti .

As the data miner of the FireMonkey collective rightly points out, furthermore, the fictitious rise in temperatures caused by the eruption of the volcano has led to the partial breaking of the Picco Polare ice cap , making it unstable and thus inevitably giving rise to a new series of rumors related, this time, to the in-game event that we will most likely witness between the end of the pirate-themed Season 8 and the start of Season 9 .

The Loot Lake Bunker event, however, was not accompanied by an alien invasion, so we don’t know what surprises the Epic Games team still has in store for us, regardless of the reliability of the data mining operations: a of these surprises, however, has already been unveiled and is that represented by the return of the Drum Gun, one of the objects removed from Epic and requested loudly by the community of the battle royale.


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