Fortnite Unvaulting: New Images on Map Changes Caused by the Volcano


The Loot Lake Bunker event on the evening of May 4 not only allowed Fortnite users to vote for the reintroduction of the Drum Gun but caused a new explosion of the volcano and the destruction of several areas of the map.

In the images, you find at the bottom of the news you can see the devastation caused by volcanic lapilli and lava rocks launched on the island during the eruption that marked the end of the last Fortnite in-game event.

The areas most affected by these changes were Corso Commercio and Pinnacoli Pendenti: most of the buildings of the two charming towns on the Fortnite Battaglia Reale map were literally razed to the ground, leaving smoldering rubble and impact craters unapproachable by users. , on pain of a malus represented, precisely, by the damage in health points caused to one’s alter-ego by the fire and by the incandescent magma.

As the explorers of the island who participated ( not without problems ) in the Fortnite event and witnessed the opening of the dimensional gap at the center of the Bunker of Loot Lake, the rise in temperatures caused by the eruption made it unstable the ice of the southwest quadrants of the map of Epic’s battle royale, causing cracks in the peak of Polar Peak. To relive the emotions of the last Fortnite event while waiting for the American authors to illustrate what they intend to do for the start of Season 9, on these pages you will find the Unvaulting movie replay made by the Fortnite community.