In 2023 There Will Be More PC Players in China Than Inhabitants of the USA

In 2023 There Will Be More PC Players in China Than Inhabitants of the USA

In recent years, despite the strict rules that delay or prevent new games from being approved, the PC gaming market in China has grown dramatically. Thanks to a new report edited by Niko Partners we can get a clear idea of ​​the current state of the industry and the future one.

First and foremost, China is the largest market in the world for online PC gaming: more than half of the global revenue comes from this country. In 2018 it generated revenues of 15.21 billion dollars, which could become 16 billion in 2023. Even more impressive are the numbers relating to users: currently, there are as many as 312.4 million people playing online with PC in China, 79.7 million of which spend money on video games. According to forecasts, the players will become 354 million in 2023, more than all the inhabitants of the United States of America, which amount to 329 million!

A large slice of earnings in 2018 (or 6.3 billion dollars, 41.4% of the total) was generated by the eSport sector, which is also destined to grow in the coming years. In 2023 the sum could rise up to 9.5 billion dollars (59.4% of the total). The report also showed that throughout China there are 138,000 Internet Cafés, which largely contribute to the diffusion of gaming and therefore to the profits of the entire sector. In addition, 24% of Steam users set up the client in simplified Chinese language.

The market remained healthy despite the blocking of game sales approvals in the summer of 2018. The ban was removed last December, and in April 2019 a much clearer regulation was drafted. This is a very positive sign for publishers, developers, and the entire Chinese market.