Nintendo Switch: Author of the Flip Grip Creates a Fan Made Version with Double Screen

Nintendo Switch Author of the Flip Grip Creates a Fan Made Version with Double Screen

The author of the Flip Grip, the engineer Mike “Mechachoi” Choi, re-elaborates his project which allows to position the Nintendo Switch screen vertically to create the prototype of curious support that allows the joint use of two Switch consoles ” in DS mode “.

Thanks to the funds obtained thanks to the media (and therefore commercial) visibility guaranteed by the fundraising campaign launched on Kickstarter to finance the Flip Grip project, Mike Choi has thus tried to reimagine Nintendo’s hybrid jewelry inspired by the design of the latest portable consoles of the Kyoto home, from the DS to the latest 3DS XL models.

The concept of the “New Nintendo Switch DS” that you can admire in the explanatory film made for the occasion by Choi readjusts the Flip Grip to accommodate a second console (without Joy-Con) and give users the opportunity to expand the game’s view, as shown in the video with a demo of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

More than a real redesign, therefore, it would be a simple adapter, even if we doubt that this idea will be taken up by the Super Mario house to satisfy the request of those who believe that the time has come for the announcement of a new model of Nintendo Switch.

Recently, another engineer also tried to re-imagine the console by creating a fan-made version of the fully functional Switch Mini.