Oculus Quest, Go and Samsung Gear VR Will Support Cloud Saves

Oculus Quest, Go and Samsung Gear VR Will Support Cloud Saves

John Carmack, CTO of Oculus, confirmed on Twitter that soon Quest, Go and Samsung Gear VR – the company’s portable VR devices that do not need a PC connection – will soon support the Cloud Rescues.

Thanks to this feature, players will be able to retrieve their saves even after a factory reset and, moreover, share them among the aforementioned platforms. According to Carmack, it will be up to the developers to implement this opportunity by exploiting the APIs available to them. The debut date, unfortunately, has not been revealed, so we do not know if it will be ready for the launch of Oculus Quest set for May 21st.

Cloud rescues are already supported by the company’s flagship device, Oculus Rift, albeit not impeccably. The functionality itself behaves properly, but the store does not clearly indicate which games support it and which do not. In theory, it would be up to the developers to specify it in the description, but many don’t. Players are therefore forced to rely on external solutions, such as social media or forums, to find out about it.

Speaking of Oculus Quest, the new stand-alone viewer can already be pre-ordered for 449 euros: At the launch, you will be able to count on a line-up consisting of 53 titles, including Beat Saber, Creed, and Journey of the Gods.