Persona 5’s Cafe Leblanc Was Recreated in Dreams

Persona 5's Cafe Leblanc Was Recreated in Dreams

After a long gestation phase, Dreams was finally made available to players in Early Access. Although it has not yet reached its final form, it is equally capable of providing an extremely powerful level editor and game.

In recent weeks, players have begun to become familiar with the tools available, and the first, interesting creations have appeared online. Some have reproduced the introductory sequence of Spider-Man, those who have given shape to the first level of Metal Gear Solid. Here, instead, we want to bring to your attention the work of a user called Rob who recreated the Cafe Leblanc, one of the most characteristic locations of the excellent Persona 5.

As you can see in the video and in the images attached at the bottom of this news, it has reproduced all the objects present in the setting, from the bar counter to the tables, passing through the sofas. He also added rain, visible from the window, giving the whole scene a touch of melancholy. At the bottom, you will also find a screenshot of the real Cafe Leblanc of Persona 5, thanks to which you can make a comparison. What do you think? What did you create beautifully?