Pokemon Go, Ingress and Earth Day: Collected 145 Tons of Waste in the World!

Pokemon Go, Ingress and Earth Day Collected 145 Tons of Waste in the World!

On the occasion of World Earth Day, Niantic organized a praiseworthy initiative, in which it asked Pokemon GO and Ingress communities to actively mobilize in defense of the environment.

The proposal of the software house has been welcomed by many players of the two titles for mobile platforms, who have therefore chosen to guarantee their membership. A few days after the end of the event, which lasted for about three weeks, Niantic decided to share the remarkable results obtained with the public. Thus we come to know that the initiative involved around 17,000 players in 41 different states of the planet, generating a total of 41,000 volunteer hours. By creating partnerships with 46 NGOs, it was thus possible to clean up the environment of 145 tons of waste! A remarkable success, which found support substantially in all continents, with adhesions, among others, in the USA, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, and Australia.

To adequately celebrate the scope of the event, Niantic decided to share its satisfaction with the gamers, introducing, for example, some special bonuses in Pokemon GO, related to Earth-type creatures. Before saying goodbye, we take the opportunity to remind you that the Guardians of the Lakes made their debut in Pokemon GO: Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf appeared in the Raids.