Team Sonic Racing: Gameplay, Customization and Story Mode Are Shown on Video

Team Sonic Racing Gameplay, Customization and Story Mode Are Shown on Video

Having recently provided more details on Team Sonic Racing’s multiplayer mode, SEGA offers the public new rich video gameplay dedicated to the title.

During the full-length footage, which lasts about forty-five minutes, gamers can take a closer look at the gameplay that characterizes the racing game, but not only. Ample space is also reserved for the various customization options available within the game, while it is also possible to get an initial idea of ​​the ” Team Adventure ” structure, the Team Sonic Racing story mode. As usual, you can find the video directly at the beginning of this news: we wish you a good vision!

Team Sonic Racing will make its debut on the gaming market on May 21st. Starting from this date, the game will be available in physical and digital format on consoles(PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch). For the PC version of the title, instead, only the publication in digital format is envisaged.