The Division 2: Cristiano Bonora’s Shots on Ubisoft’s Social Media Channels!

The Division 2 Cristiano Bonora's Shots on Ubisoft's Social Media Channels!

If you follow us actively, then you already know who Cristiano Bonora is. The talented virtual photographer has already collaborated with our editorial team, creating stunning shots in games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Metro Exodus, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and God of War.

From the close-ups of Kratos and Atreus to the angel of New York, passing through the devastated settings of post-atomic Russia. His work is exceptional and has also been noticed by the Ubisoft top management. Over the next 3 months, as many as 48 shots from Tom Clancy’s Washington DC war and pandemic: The Division 2 will be published on the French company’s social media channels.

The photographs were taken on the PlayStation 4 Pro with the help of the Photo Mode included in the game, and are part of the “A photographer journey” project. We advise you to follow the Instagram profile of the game to not miss any of the incoming shots coming. At the bottom of this news, you will find some already published.