The Witcher 3: The HD Reworked Mod Improves The Environmental Textures

The Witcher 3: The HD Reworked Mod Improves The Environmental Textures

Despite the fact that several years have passed since the release of The Witcher 3, the modder scene of the last Strigo epic has never been so active and, after having produced a mission editor and a texture pack for enemies and creatures, updates the HD Reworked mod and makes it available for free on PC.

Thanks to the efforts made by the team directed by the amateur programmer known in the scene as Halk Hogan PL, the 5.1 version of The Witcher 3: HD Reworked Project improves the textures of all natural surfaces and architectural structures that line the fantasy landscape of the realistic, masterpiece of CD Projekt.

The mod in question also intervenes on the normal maps and on the foliage textures of trees and an infinite number of polygonal models (from the carts to the single types of rocks and boulders) to “increase the definition” of the original textures through an approach similar to that adopted by other fan-made texture packages, such as that of the authors of the HD mod Monsters Reworked .

As the curators of the project explain on the pages of NexusMods, in fact, their purpose is not to overturn the graphics section of the original version of The Witcher 3 but to remain in the wake of CD Projekt and their artistic vision, all without negatively impacting VRAM and system resources. Take a look at the video you find at the beginning of the article and tell us what you think of this mod if you intend to use it to immerse yourself in the universe of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in the hope, by doing so, of deceiving the wait for the Cyberpunk 2077 release.