Anthem: Reddit Users Declare the Game Officially Dead

Anthem: Reddit Users Declare the Game Officially Dead

That Anthem is not doing well is by now a fact, but in truth, the title of BioWare is not that it has ever enjoyed good health. The confidence in the developers mainly, had kept the community good, but it quickly became nervous and now seems to have lost hope.

What was one of the most anticipated titles of recent times has thus turned into a flop, due to the numerous bugs and technical errors, and above all because of the loot system, considered as one of the main problems of the game and never adjusted by the developers?

Anthem has thus gradually lost part of the community to become what it is now, which is practically a desert. A Reddit post is merciless in this regard: there is talk of 197 views for the game in the last 7 days on Twitch, absence of communications from the staff for a month, plans for the endgame completely null, collapse of active players on Anthem and many other problems highlighted, for a total of over eight thousand “thumbs up”, a huge number for the platform.

In practice, Reddit users have declared the game as “officially dead” , and BioWare’s silence about it only exacerbates spirits and lends credibility to the post. What do you think? Are you still playing Anthem or have you abandoned it too?