Attack on Titan 2 for PS4: Demo Available on Playstation Store

Attack on Titan 2 for PS4 Demo Available on Playstation Store

Surprisingly, Koei Tecmo released the playable demo of Attack on Titan 2 on PlayStation Store, allowing players to enjoy a little taste of the game while waiting for the AOT 2 Final Battle re-release.

” Relive the emotions of TV anime! The release of ‘AOT 2: Final Battle’ is scheduled for July 5, 2019! In this new chapter of the series, you will find new action elements such as ‘thunder spears’ and the anti-personnel omnidirectional mobility gear ‘, new characters, new modes, and many other new features! In the trial version, it is possible to experience the ODM action of the basic game AOT 2! “

AOT 2 Final Battle is an updated version of AOT and will include content based on the third series of Attack on Titan: the playable demo weighs 4.6 GB and presents audio in Japanese and subtitles in English, German and French. A good opportunity to try the Attack on Titan video game, a title that is not perfect from the gameplay point of view but certainly able to satisfy the fans of the animated series.