Destiny 2: News About the 2.2.2 Update and the Wealth Season

Destiny 2 News About the Update and the Wealth Season

Through the usual weekly appointment with Destiny fans, the Bungie boys illustrated the news of the 2.2.2 update of Destiny 2 and set for the month of June the beginning of the Wealth season, the third and last chapter of the Annual pass of their iconic sci-fi shooter.

The new update will be online on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting Tuesday, May 7, coinciding with the conclusion of The Reverly spring in-game event. In addition to the proverbial net code optimization and weapon balancing intervention, the next Destiny 2 update will result in an important modification to the Spectral Blades by reducing the damage suffered and the total duration of the Super Hunter.

Among the other interventions made by US developers, we also mention the resolution of the annoying bugs identified with the Seventh Invitation of the Nine and in the acquisition of some rewards linked to the completion of the Ascending Challenges.

As for the Season of Wealth, Bungie reiterates the desire to end the Destiny 2 Annual Pass endgame experience in the best way possible through the introduction of an unpublished Raid and a new multiplayer activity that will involve a maximum of six Guardians, in addition to the inevitable addition of weapons, equipment, and missions. According to the latest rumors circulating on the net, moreover, the DLC connected to the Wealth Season, Penumbra, will involve users in a Raid that will take us inside the Leviathan, the giant spaceship of the Emperor Calus.