Duke Forces The Duke Nukem 3D Mod Dedicated to Star Wars Is Updated

Duke Forces: The Duke Nukem 3D Mod Dedicated to Star Wars Is Updated

The amateur developers led by DeeperThought inform us that they have updated Duke Forces, the unique mod of Duke Nukem 3D that takes the Duke to the faraway galaxy of Star Wars through a total conversion that disrupts the 3D Realms shooter blockbuster.

The 2.10 version of Duke Forces adds the Gamorreani enemies, increases the resolution of the sprites of enemies like the Stormtroopers, improves the Sith animations and operates a whole series of improvements and optimizations to the framerate, to the particle effects, to the lighting system and to the artificial intelligence of creatures. You can download the mod Duke Forces for free through the ModDB pages, as long as you already have the original version of Duke Nukem 3D on your PC.

In recent days, curiously the good name of the Duke has returned to resound on the main sites of the sector for the work done by Syndroid with the project of Serious Duke 3D, a mod of Serious Sam 3 that uses the graphics assets of the controversial Duke Nukem Forever for recreate a VR version of Duke Nukem 3D .

Regarding 3D Realms, the vice president of the US company, Frederik Schreiber, expressed himself in favor of the next-gen consoles believing that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be much more powerful than Google Stadia.

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