MSI 2019: Garena’s Streaming Manager Was Fired

MSI 2019 Garena's Streaming Manager Was Fired

There is no peace for the LMS, the competitive region of League of Legends which brings together teams from Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong. Both the client and the competitive section are managed by Garena, a digital platform that is currently working on the streaming of the Mid-Season Invitational 2019, distributed between Vietnam and Taipei.

In recent years, however, Garena has experienced several problems : last year the players’ clients were infected by a malware related to cryptocurrencies; recently a caster has let the doubt about the confirmation of the league in 2020 slip away in public; to make matters worse, a team was disqualified for a betting scandal.

It is precisely this point that cost the dismissal of Garena’s streaming manager. Before the start of the live broadcast of the MSI, the manager accidentally showed his desktop with the browser open on an export betting site. A connection is so direct with the recent scandals that forced Garena to dismiss his employee in the trunk, publicly apologizing for the incident and for the “unethical” behavior of the manager.

An unpleasant event for the platform that also manages the LMS in which the Flash Wolves play, champions of Spring Split 2019 and qualified for Round 2 of the MSI 2019.