New Nintendo Switch Games: Here Is Saint’s Row the Third and Shakedown: Hawaii

New Nintendo Switch Games Here Is Saint's Row the Third and Shakedown Hawaii

The coming week is almost quiet from the point of view of video game releases, yet for gamers, tranquility practically does not exist, and our portfolios are always there ready to ask for mercy.

The triple-A titles are missing this week, but there are independent productions and highly respected titles that will arrive in the coming days on the Nintendo hybrid console, starting with Saint’s Row: The Third and Shakedown: Hawaii, which winks at the first Grand Theft Auto, and that will bring a lot of caciara on our beloved Switches.

Let’s see the complete list of upcoming titles:

  • 7 May – Puyo Puyo Champions
  • 7 May – Shakedown: Hawaii
  • 7 May – European Conqueror X
  • 7 May – Car Mechanic Manager
  • May 8 – Meow Motors
  • 9 May – For the King
  • 9 May – Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
  • May 9 – Lost Artifacts: Soulstone
  • 9 May – Monster Puzzle
  • 9 May – MachiKnights
  • May 10 – Saint’s Row: The Third
  • May 10 – Lovecraft’s Untold Stories
  • May 10th – My Big Sister
  • 10 May – Ascendance: First Horizon
  • May 10th – Dragon Pinball
  • May 10 – Blazing Beaks

We start tomorrow with two important titles like Puyo Puyo Champions and Shakedown: Hawaii. Which games will you take out of this week? If those for Nintendo Switch were not enough, on our site you will also find the games on PlayStation 4.