New PS4 Games: Shakedown Hawaii and Puyo Puyo Champions Arrive

New PS4 Games Shakedown Hawaii and Puyo Puyo Champions Arrive

That just started promises to be a rather quiet week from the point of view of the new releases for PlayStation 4: in the absence of AAA titles, numerous independent productions arrive, including highly anticipated games like Shakedown Hawaii, a spiritual sequel to Retro City Rampage.

At Shakedown Hawaii is added a second major production, that Puyo Puyo eSports released in recent months in Japan and now ready to arrive in Europe with the Puyo Puyo Champions title, available exclusively in digital format from Wednesday 8 May. Below is the complete list of all new PlayStation 4 games coming in the next seven days:

New releases PS4

  • May 5 – Arcade Doughlings
  • May 5 – For the King
  • May 6 – Frane Dragons Odyssey
  • May 6 – Lost Artifacts Soulstone
  • May 7 – Shakedown Hawaii
  • May 7th My Big Sister
  • May 8 – Party Arcade
  • May 8 – Puyo Puyo Champions
  • May 10 – Lovecraft’s Untold Stories
  • May 10 – Reverse Crawl

Today comes Frane Dragon’s Odyssey and Lost Artifact Soulstone while tomorrow in addition to aforementioned Shakedown Hawaii, My Big Sister will also see the light. May 8th will be the turn of Party Arcade and Puyo Puyo Champions, while May 10th closes the week with Reverse Crawl and Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, an adventure based on the most famous novels by the famous writer.