Offline EA Server: Electronic Arts Investigates Connection Problems

Offline EA Server Electronic Arts Investigates Connection Problems

On the main social portals, as well as on the forums and on the sector websites, reports are multiplying of those who report not being able to access EA video game servers such as Apex Legends, Battlefield V and FIFA 19 in the afternoon yesterday, May 5th.

Due to a large number of reports received from the videogame communities of the most disparate consoles, the response of the curators of the Electronic Arts social media channels is not slow to arrive, obviously confirming the users’ fears and reporting that they have activated themselves to resolve this as soon as a possible problem.

On Sunday 5 May, access to the multiplayer servers and online features of EA titles is extremely difficult: even the official EA Help site is not accessible and refers to the error message “504 Gateway Time-Out”.

On the night of 4 May, similar connection problems occurred, even if limited to the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team mode servers and the “classic” network modes of the EA Sports soccer simulator. We do not know therefore if this new wave of errors of connection to the EA servers should or not be traced back to the problems highlighted by the users of FIFA 19 on the night of yesterday, nor we know when the situation will return to normal. However, we will keep you updated on any developments.