Xbox: Mysterious Game of Thrones Themed Teaser. What Is It?

Xbox Mysterious Game of Thrones Themed Teaser

Like every Monday, the Game of Thrones fever is at very high levels, and Microsoft seems to have taken the opportunity to launch a mysterious teaser on its social channels, which seems to have something to do with the famous HBO TV series.

In fact, Xbox released a very short video, lasting about fifteen seconds, in which after being enveloped in flames, the Targaryen Family logo is visible. The video is accompanied by the caption ” And now your wait begins “, or “And now your waiting begins” , another reference to the series, since it is the distortion of the Night Watchmen’s motto.

There are currently no clues as to what the ad could be about: there are those who bet on a livery (or a series of liveries) of Xbox One-themed Game of Thrones, or who speaks of a new game coming. Unfortunately for the moment it really seems like we will have to wait. But you stay tuned on our pages, where we will tell you all the news about it as soon as they are announced.