Anthem: Today’s New Patch Removes the Elysian Cache Cases

Anthem: Today's New Patch Removes the Elysian Cache Cases

This afternoon at 17:00 BioWare will release Anthem patch 1.1.1, the anticipated changelog reveals the removal of Elysian Cache chests added last March. How will the community react?

The Elysian Cache chests had been added as a reward for daily challenges and Stronghold activities, inside players could find useful cosmetic items to unlock: at the moment BioWare has not clarified the reasons that prompted the team to remove the chests and not we know how and if they will be replaced.

In the past the developers have talked about ” temporary prizes ” but many players expected a much longer stay for Elysian Cache chests, also due to a certain lack of content, waiting for BioWare to launch more substantial updates.

The patch also solves various bugs or technical problems but does not add any new activity and does not include additional content of any kind, we are still awaiting the complete changelog arriving in the late afternoon.