Borderlands 3: It Is Still Controversial with Claptrap’s Former Voice Actor

Borderlands 3: It Is Still Controversial with Claptrap's Former Voice Actor

The controversy between David Eddings, the voice actor of Claptrap in the Borderlands series , and the leaders of Gearbox, particularly Randy Pitchford, are not calmed for a story that is increasingly taking on the contours of a sad soap opera.

As we told you, it seems that David Eddings will not take part in Borderlands 3. The same voice actor declared it in response to a tweet from a user, revealing that he had asked for a salary increase that was not granted, and also launching a dig at the CEO of Gearbox himself, accused in the past of having improperly appropriated some company money.

A few days ago Pitchford’s reply arrived, again in a tweet, which you can find at the bottom of the news. According to his words, Eddings had been offered a doubling of the salary, but the actor would have refused. Pitchford had also added: “I don’t want him to do it, unless he wants it, given that motivation influences performance” , thus also leaving an open window for possible clarification.

Clarifications that, however, at least according to Eddings’ last tweet, will hardly be there. The voice actor has in fact launched heavy accusations against Pitchford: “I offered to do it for free, in exchange for some old payments that I have never been paid, and an apology for an episode of which I have never spoken publicly until now: Randy physically assaulted me in the Marriott Marquis lobby at the GDC 2017 “.

Therefore, rather heavy tones, for which it is difficult at the moment to think of reconciliation. We’ll see. Borderlands 3 will be the most ambitious chapter of the series, according to Gearbox: we hope that this bad episode does not ruin the good things the software house is building.