Close Combat: The Bloody First, Here’s the First Official Trailer

Close Combat The Bloody First, Here's the First Official Trailer

Close Combat: The Bloody First is the new chapter of one of the most popular real-time strategic sagas of all time, which is finally coming back on PC thanks to Slitherine, which has recently released the first official trailer.

The video focuses on the emotions of longtime fans, trying to revive the concept of a group of fighters where nobody is left behind, and at the same time celebrate the series of games that made the history of the strategic genre.

The player will have to lead the First Division of the US Infantry, better known as ” The Big Red One ” from the desert sands of North Africa until the D-Day Normandy landing. The Bloody First combo the classic Close Combat gameplay with the new 3D Archon graphics engine, for a level of graphics and realism never seen before in the game.

After a long gestation, the game has entered the beta phase and will arrive by the end of 2019. There are three campaigns, 36 battles, with over 50 vehicles and 300 infantry units, integrated multiplayer lobby and matchmaking forum. It will be the player’s task to understand how to best combine the uses of short-range weapons, mortars, machine guns, tanks and so on, to bring the battle home.

What do you expect from the return of Close Combat?