Dr Disrespect Does Not like Fortnite, but Appreciates Tfue’s Lives

Dr Disrespect Does Not like Fortnite, but Appreciates Tfue's Lives

Dr. Disrespect is one of the hottest personalities with regards to the streamer, and in the past, we’ve seen him lash out at … well, pretty much anything. However, the smoke character of the Doc does not prevent him from appreciating his colleagues from time to time.

In a recent clip, in fact, Dr. Disrespect declared to admire Tfue, one of the strongest Fortnite players in circulation, and he also owns a Twitch channel with over 100 thousand views a day.

According to Doc, Tfue is one of his favorite streamers, for the simple reason that it’s always interesting to watch his online games (despite Fortnite being his main battlefield) because, according to his words, each video offers first gameplay level, and is always able to teach you something.

As said at the beginning, it is actually one of the best Fortnite players, a game that gave him the popularity he currently enjoys, so much so that he has already qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. I wonder if Dr. Disrespect will be rooting for him on that occasion too.

If you are a lover of the Battle Royale, in any case, stay tuned on our pages, as the Fortnite 9.0 update will arrive tomorrow.