Fortnite: Epic Games Again in Dispute Because of a Celebratory Dance

Fortnite Epic Games Again in Dispute Because of a Celebratory Dance

Few things are a certainty in life: death, taxes and the fact that someone will sue Epic Games for using his Fortnite dance move. Indeed, a controversy has erupted again about the highly popular Battle Royale, again due to a celebratory move.

The author of the case is, in this case, Leo Pellegrino, saxophonist of the trio Too Many Zooz, who has accused Epic Games of having appropriated some of his moves. The artist is in fact known for performing various choreographies and performances unleashed while playing his saxophone in concerts, which the software house would have copied in the dance called Phone it in.

Actually, the moves actually look alike, but it is unlikely that Epic Games will be forced to compensate Pellegrino, also considering the outcome of the previous causes. Even rapper 2 Milly sued Epic Games for a similar reason, as did actor Alfonso Ribeiro who protested for the inclusion of Carlton Dance in Fortnite, but in both cases, it came to nothing.

“No one can own a dance step. The copyright law is clear on the fact that individual dance steps and simple choreographies are not protected by copyright, but are part of a free expression and must remain in the public domain for choreographers, dancers and the general public can use, execute and enjoy it “ , was the defense of Epic Games, which eventually came up.

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