Fortnite: First Skin of Season 9 and Other Store News

Fortnite First Skin of Season 9 and Other Store News

Even today the Fortnite store is updated with new contents including picks, costumes, emotes and hang gliders, and a leak seems to have revealed the first skin (or one of the first skins) of Fortnite Season 9, starting tomorrow, Wednesday 8 May.

Among the new skins of today, Tuesday 7 May, we find the Red Knight (legendary costume) for sale at 2,000 V-Buck, accompanied by the Scarlet Piccone (Rare) at 800 V-Buck, by the Piccone Lamp at 500 V-Buck and by costumes Mothmando (Epico, 1-500 V-Buck), Assault Trooper (800 V-Buck) and Rapscallion (1,500 V-Buck), to these are added the Flutterbug hang-gliders (800 V-Buck), Coaxial Copter (1,200 V- Buck) and the two emote Glowstick and Lavish, on sale at 800 and 500 V-Buck respectively.

Fortnite Skin Season 9

Another surprise today is a leak from AT&T, an American telephone operator that revealed one of the first Fortnite Season 9 skins during a story on Instagram. That Epic Games has partnered with the manager to offer an exclusive custom to subscribers?

It wouldn’t be new, just think of Samsung’s Skin Galaxy and the Honor Guard x Huawei Honor skin, but at the moment there are no details, you can see the skin in the Twitter message posted below.