Monster Hunter World Sold 12 Million Copies, New Livestream on May 10th

Monster Hunter World Sold 12 Million Copies, New Livestream on May 10th

Despite having been released a year and a half ago, Monster Hunter World is continuing to reveal a huge success for Capcom. In fact, Capcom’s financial data relating to the last fiscal year was released and the game has again led to positive results.

The main creators of Capcom’s success are in fact Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 , but Monster Hunter World itself, which played a leading role in the results of the last fiscal year, proved to be a more than positive weapon even as far as regards the current one, reaching the beauty of 12 million units sold.

This is an absolute record for the software house, which is therefore good for continuing to focus on the video game in question. In fact, Capcom has announced news coming up for Monster Hunter World, which will be unveiled in a live stream scheduled for May 10th at 1:00 am (Italian time) when the spring update of the game and probably the first details on Iceborne, the first expansion coming in the fall.

The live will see the participation of the development team and the producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, who will then show us what’s cooking for the future of the title. What do you expect?

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