Rumor The State of Play Will See the Re-Reveal of a Third-Party Game Announced Some Time Ago

Rumor: The State of Play Will See the “Re-Reveal of a Third-Party Game” Announced Some Time Ago

During the day on Monday, Sony has announced a new State of Play: the appointment is scheduled for the night between Thursday 9 and Friday, May 10.

Following the announcement, on the well-known portal ResetEra, an interesting rumor has spread. The administrator known on the forum with the nickname of ” ZhugeEX ” has in fact commented on the news in a dedicated post. Within the latter, he stated that during the streaming there will be space for updates on Sony titles and for a new announcement, but he also added that the next State of Play will host a ” re-reveal of a third-party game that was announced a long time ago “. The user did not offer further details, but what was described was enough to attract the curiosity of the community, which indulged itself in elaborating hypotheses on the identity of this alleged mysterious title.

As usual, when it comes to rumors, we invite you to remember that this is not official information and therefore may be inaccurate or incorrect. We also remind you that, together with the announcement of the appointment, Sony has specified that the State of Play event will last about ten minutes and will have among its main focuses the remake of Medievil. Despite the recent diffusion of the first details on the future home console, during the broadcast, we will not talk about PS5.

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