Anthem Sold Below Expectations, Good for Battlefield 5

Anthem Sold Below Expectations, Good for Battlefield 5

During the night Electronic Arts held a conference with shareholders to illustrate the results of the last quarter, from which it emerges that Anthem has sold below the publisher’s expectations, on the contrary, Battlefield V and Apex Legends have achieved good results.

EA does not disclose how many copies of Anthem have been sold since launch, however, the financial report speaks of ” sales below expectations ” for the new BioWare project, which to date has committed the community to 150 million hours. In any case, the publisher confirms long-term support.

Battlefield V was a great success especially thanks to the Battle Royale Firestorm modes, which quickly became ” the most successful Battlefield live service ” and the same can be said of Apex Legends, with 50 million users reached in two weeks.

Excellent results also from the free to play market with 100 million active players on FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online in Asia: EA has confirmed that it will invest more in this sector while not leaving out the publication of AAA Premium games sold at full price.