Apex Legends Will Arrive on Mobile and Other Platforms

Apex Legends Will Arrive on Mobile and Other Platforms

Although the numbers are down compared to the February and March booms, Apex Legends has been a resounding success for Electronic Arts and the company intends to continue investing in this project, as confirmed at the last meeting with shareholders.

In addition to Season 2, whose first details will be revealed during the June EA Play event, Electronic Arts and Respawn announced their intention to bring Apex Legends on mobile platforms, in particular, the company is working to publish the game in China and Korea, probably thanks to the support of local publishers like Tencent.

EA specifically mentions ” mobile devices and other platforms “, so we can hypothesize the arrival of Apex Legends on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and probably Google Stadia. Apex Legends has allowed Origin to significantly increase its users, with 30% of new players who have started using the platform regularly.

Among the company’s plans, there will also be “news for the Battle Pass, new legends and constantly evolving content “. To find out more, however, we will necessarily have to wait until next month …