Does Sega Prepare to Announce a New Super Monkey Ball?

Does Sega Prepare to Announce a New Super Monkey Ball

SEGA of Japan has registered the Tabegoro brand in Japan! Super Monkey Ball, giving way to a series of speculations on the possible announcement of a new game in the series.

Monkey Ball was launched back in 2001 in Japanese arcades and the following year on GameCube with the Super Monkey Ball title, the latest game in the saga (Super Monkey Ball Bounce) was published in 2014 on iOS and Android, removed though from digital stores the following year. Previously, SEGA released Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz for PlayStation Vita, released in 2012.

SEGA has not yet announced a new Monkey Ball but the registration of the Tabegoro brand! Super Monkey Ball leaves no room for any doubts about it, in all likelihood the game is destined to arrive on Switch, thus giving credit to rumors that they wanted a new chapter under development for Nintendo’s hybrid console.