Fortnite: Aura and Guild Skins Are Very Similar to the Old Concept of a User

With the latest update of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale store two new costumes were put on sale: Aura and Guild. However, according to some particularly careful users, it seems that the skins are very similar to the old artwork that appeared on Reddit.

Let’s talk about the accuracy of an image published by the fantasy-full artist on Reddit about 4 months ago. However, this is not plagiarism and, similarly to what happened with the Soft Defender skin and the Pollo Svolazzante hang glider, both designed by a small fan of the battle royale. However, the way in which these people are rewarded by Epic Games continues to be shrouded in mystery. Some say that they simply receive a good deal of V-Buck and some say they receive a real payment.

Waiting to find out more details on the issue, we remind you that there are only a few hours left to launch the new update and, according to some theories, the theme of Season 9 will be time travel. Instead, according to other players, Fortnite boss battles may soon arrive. Meanwhile, it seems that the Polar Peak glaciers are melting and may hold some surprises in the next few hours.

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