Fortnite Season 9: Do Teaser Images Reveal the Arrival of a New Map?

Fortnite Season 9 Do Teaser Images Reveal the Arrival of a New Map

If you eagerly await the opening of Fortnite Season 9 and have admired the first two teaser images offered to us by Epic Games, you will certainly have noticed the presence of the letters “N” and “E” inside them: what do they refer to?

The most active members of the Epic battle roster dataminer community does not seem to have discovered any information among the most hidden files of the last update. Yet, Fortnite enthusiasts who gather on forums such as ResetEra and Reddit to discuss the news related to their favorite video game are producing in various hypotheses, all worthy of attention.

Many, for example, consider it rather probably the arrival of a new map for Fortnite Battaglia Reale should the artwork of the third teaser image of Season 9, scheduled for tomorrow May 8, should take the form of a “W” and compose, doing so, the word “NEW”. There are also those who, following this line of thought, consider it equally plausible the manifestation of the word “NEXUS” and, therefore, of the repeatedly chatted alien invasion with the emergence of the spaceship-Bunker from the bed of the now dried-up lake of Sponde del looting.

Waiting to understand what will be the next pages of the immense digital book that the Epic boys are writing with the interactive Fortnite story, we leave you to our Guide to carry out the last Extraordinary Time Challenges before the advent of Season 9, scheduled for Thursday 9 May.