Fortnite Season 9: Will The Melting Of Ice Transform The Map?


The third (and presumably last) Fortnite Season 9 teaser image contributes to fueling the community’s theories about future changes that will take place on Epic Games’ battle royale island to coincide with the in-game event that will take place tomorrow, Thursday 9 May.

In an attempt to find out what’s cooking, the well-known dataminer HYPEX has thus used a graphics editing program to compare the stylized image of the map projected on the holographic viewer of the character immortalized in the third teaser of Season 9 with the current map of the island of Fortnite.

The quick comparison between the two images highlights some important differences which, in theory, could be due to the fictitious sea ​​level rise caused by the melting of the ice in the south-west sector of the island dominated by Polar Peak. A consequence, the latter, of the explosion of the volcano and the inevitable rise in temperatures that could be further accelerated if the in-game event that ends Season 8 will cause a new eruption of the volcano.

What will happen during Season 9? What changes will happen to the Epic multiplayer shooter map? The time travel will be the central theme of the new phase of the battle royale in-game most famous on the planet? We will only be able to answer these and other questions tomorrow, May 9, coinciding with Fortnite’s long-awaited start of Season 9 on PCs, consoles and iOS and Android mobile systems.