Game Workers Unite Investigates Quantic Dream, the Company Responds

Game Workers Unite Investigates Quantic Dream, the Company Responds

The Game Workers Unite International organization has announced that it is working with the Paris Council to clarify the position of Quantic Dream regarding the alleged acts of personal sexual offenses and harassment that would have taken place within the offices of the French company.

Game Workers Unite informs that it is ” aware of unethical behaviors in this regard, reported by people who work or have worked for Quantic Dream ” and to be on the lookout for new testimonials, the witnesses will enjoy all the psychological and legal support necessary to face the situation with serenity.

Quantic Dream published a message on Twitter to reject the accusations and clarify its position regarding this type of behavior, inviting all those who have suffered inappropriate behavior to immediately report the situation to their managers: ” Quantic Dream is a study where everyone regardless of nationality, race, genre, sexual orientation or belief can express themselves freely. And this is why we have such high average seniority (8+ years), and a very different team reflecting these values. “

At the beginning of 2018, some employees and former employees had talked about a toxic work environment but the two founders of the firm (Guillaume de Fondaumiere and David Cage) categorically denied these statements, declaring that they wanted to proceed legally to safeguard their personal honor and professional.