Kerbal Space Program: Squad Announces Breaking Ground Expansion

Galvanized by the excellent sales of the Kerbal Space Program and by the incredible passion nurtured by the community of their space sandbox, the Mexican developers of the Squad studios announce the arrival of Breaking Ground, an expansion that promises to enrich the gaming offer of their title.

The DLC will arrive on PC on May 30 and will be offered at a price of $ 14.99 or completely free of charge for those who contributed to the development of the project by purchasing the Early Access version before April 2013 despite the acquisition of the company by Take-Two , exactly as happened in recent months with the previous expansion Making History .

The second additional “official” KSP content will further extend the already tight Kerbonauti agenda with activities based on the exploration of the planets, satellites, and asteroids of the Kerbol system (and beyond, considering the enormous offer of free expansions guaranteed by the modders).

In fact, Breaking Ground introduces scientific instruments to conduct surface experiments and analyzes on completely new natural geological and artificial structures, such as gigantic crystals, unusual rock formations, mysterious alien arcologies, and impact craters.

Also within the next expansion of Kerbal Space Program, we will find a new space suit for its astronauts and additional components to create robots, spaceships and rovers with articulated parts, as we can guess by observing the explanatory images given us by Squad.