Marvel the Great Alliance 3 Star of the New Game Informer Cover


Announced during the pre-Christmas Direct event, Marvel The Great Alliance 3: The Black Order is the new exclusive for Nintendo Switch you will want your hands on if you are not yet satiated after the conclusion of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming debut of Spider-Man Far From Home.

The well-known Game Informer magazine has announced that the very game born from the collaboration between Nintendo, Koei-Tecmo and Team Ninja will be the great protagonist of its May cover (to which you can already take a look through the image we have shown below) ). As usual, this is a great opportunity to come to know of many new details about the title: you can, therefore, expect in the coming weeks the arrival of several news items on The Great Alliance 3, which will reveal more about superheroes protagonists, gameplay mechanics, and comics that you should read before embarking on this new adventure.

Marvel The Great Alliance 3: The Black Order will be released on July 19th exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The game will see us defend the Galaxy from the fearsome Thanos, and to do so we can form teams of 4 players together with our friends (online, connecting 4 consoles wirelessly locally or sharing Joy-Con’s on a single Switch).