Minecraft: The First Version Is Free and Playable on a Browser


Do you miss the old Minecraft and would you like to play with it again? Then we have just the thing for you, since Minecraft Classic, this is the name of the new edition of the game, can be played for free via a browser.

All you have to do is open any browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or other) and visit the official Minecraft Classic page. A screen will immediately open in which you can enter your nickname and copy a special code thanks to which you will be able to invite up to 9 friends and play with them. This is obviously an experience dedicated only to the nostalgic and it will be difficult to compare with the most updated versions. This edition of the cubed game dates back to the now distant 2009 and, consequently, brings with it great limitations, bugs and the possibility of building with only 32 types of blocks, very few compared to the possibilities offered today by the title.

Speaking of the Mojang title, did you know that all references to Notch disappeared from Minecraft and the creator of the title was not invited to the 10th-anniversary celebrations? Recently, moreover, the game of Minecraft on Hardcore difficulty of a streamer was interrupted after 5 years of survival.