Mordhau, Fighting Techniques: Guide to the Chambering


Mordhau is finally available on Steam, allowing players to engage in intense battles against the medieval-style white weapon. To help you get the better of your enemies, in this guide we will explain how to master Chambering, a fundamental technique for fighting.

The Chambering is a defensive tactic that you should master immediately. It acts in a similar way to the party, with the difference that it can also act as a counterattack. It consumes a great deal of resistance and can also be used for offensive purposes.

The main function of the Chambering is to punish the feints of the adversaries, and for this it can be much more effective than a simple parade. The angle of the counterattack and the timing are the keys to success: below we explain how to make perfect Chambers.

How to perform perfect Chamber in Mordhau

To perform a perfect Chamber, you must first determine what angle your opponent is coming from, and then guess the right moment to make your move, that is, a few moments before receiving the blow inflicted by the enemy.

What must be done, essentially, to get a Chamber? All you have to do is an attack before being hit, with a mirror motion to the opponent. To give a practical example, if a high slash is coming to your left (ie, opposing right), you will have to respond with a high slash from the left, just an instant before receiving the shot.

The only occasion in which the angle of the attack does not matter is that of the stab , since in this case, you will only need to guess the right moment. They are the easiest Chamber to perform, so practice first with stabs.

An important detail to remember: the greater the distance between you and an opponent, the more time you have available to react. In close combat, on the contrary, you may not have enough time to perform a Chamber or a simple parade.

If you can identify the opponents coming to you in advance, you will have a better chance of performing a perfect Chamber. Back off on a parade to get more distance between you and the enemy, so look for the right moment to unleash your next attack.

Keep in mind that a good opponent will tend to use Chambering against you, slowing you down considerably. Being able to recognize a fake and get off track or block is a better bet than using Chambering too much. Try to force a parade or two before performing a Chamber, so you have more time to study the enemy’s next move and act accordingly.

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