Mordhau: The Medieval Title Has Already Sold 500,000 Copies on Steam

Mordhau The Medieval Title Has Already Sold 500,000 Copies on Steam

Fantasy and the Middle Ages are topics that are obviously very popular. We realize this not only for products like Game of Thrones, able to attract attention for months and months but above all when it is a “niche” title to achieve such a resounding success.

This is Mordhau, a videogame by Triternion, which has reached the impressive 500,000 copies sold on Steam and according to the developers, who spoke about it yesterday in a post on their forum, a number of players connected simultaneously equal to 60,000.

These numbers have made Mordhau one of the most popular games on Steam, a really good result considering the giants like DotA 2, CS: GO and PUBG with whom he had to deal.

The development team confirmed that they wanted to upgrade their servers, adding new ones in some regions, and to be working on solving some problems, given that many in the past had complained about too many bugs affecting the title.

Among the features of the title, the possibility of facing it in co-op, a high range of customizations for your character, and a great deal of medieval-inspired weapons and equipment.

What do you think of the success achieved by the game? Have you already tried it?