Nintendo’s Future: President Furukawa Looks At Streaming


At a recent investor conference, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa considered the adoption of a development model that includes the launch of in-game streaming services, such as those offered by Sony with PS Now and soon by Microsoft and Google with Project xCloud and Stadia.

When asked what the Nintendo management intends to do to keep up with the changes in an industry that looks to the future with 5G and cloud gaming , Furukawa said that “I don’t think that all the games and companies will move on the cloud in the immediate future , but technology (linked to in-game streaming services, ed) is progressing steadily, and in the future, I expect that technologies such as cloud gaming and streaming will evolve further and will provide consumers with a whole new experience new to enjoy video games “ .

“We need to keep up with these changes” , was the message that the boss of Nintendo has addressed to its shareholders and to the Kyoto house fans before adding, however, that “on the other hand I believe that our fundamental value are the unique entertainment experiences that can only be achieved through the development of integrated hardware and software, and that these will further increase in value. Offering a unique entertainment that only Nintendo can give is our top priority and will continue to be . 

When presenting the previous financial report, Furukawa himself considered it necessary to diversify the offer of video games on Nintendo Switch to embrace a wider audience through the enrichment of the digital experiences guaranteed by the game library of its hybrid console.