Persona 5 Royal: The Project Is Entrusted to ITOH, Director of P4 Golden

Persona 5 Royal: The Project Is Entrusted to ITOH, Director of P4 Golden

On Thursday 9 May, SEGA and Atlus will reveal more information on Persona 5 Royal. Meanwhile, representatives of the Japanese development company and publisher explained to Famitsu colleagues that the project is directed by Daiki Itoh, the responsible author of Persona 4 Golden.

According to what was described by Famitsu (with statements reported and transcribed by DualShockers), the development team of the new chapter of the iconic JRPG Persona saga will see the participation of different personalities of the sector, each with skills to guarantee Atlus the creation of a title capable of satisfying the tastes and needs of its loyal public, both in the motherland and in western markets.

According to the information offered by the Japanese editorial staff, in addition to the presence of Daiki Itoh in the Persona 5 Royal project, the character designer Shigenori Seojima and Kazuhisa Wada , supervisor of the Persona series from 2016, will also participate: the latter will assume the functions and tasks left in suspended by Katsura Hoshino, recently passed in the ranks of Studio Zero.

Hoping, therefore, to receive more details on the title on May 9th, we inform you that Persona 5 Royal will arrive in Japan on October 31st of this year, to then arrive in Europe and North America in 2020, strictly exclusive on PlayStation 4 with a complete localization in English.