Pokemon Go: How To Capture Detective Pikachu During The Theme Event


Until May 17, Pokemon GO players can participate in the new Detective Pikachu event. In this mini-guide, we will explain how to capture Detective Pikachu in Pokemon GO during the event.

During the entire duration of the event, the Pokemon that appeared in the Detective Pikachu movie will appear more frequently in the wild in Pokemon GO. Moreover, with a bit of luck, it will be possible to capture a Pikachu with an investigator’s hat. Let’s see how.

How to capture Detective Pikachu in Pokemon GO

Detective Pikachu can only be captured in Pokemon GO during the theme event available until May 17th. The cute specimen of Pikachu with the detective hat will not appear at all randomly. To get it, in fact, you will have to use the same procedure seen to capture Smeargle in Pokemon GO.

To meet Detective Pikachu in the wild, in fact, you’ll have to go into Photo GO mode and capture another Pokemon with one click. The creature will occasionally appear as you take pictures, allowing you to capture it.

By taking more than one photo of the various creatures in your possession, at a certain point, you will notice a “retouched” photo in which Detective Pikachu will also appear. The latter will appear shortly afterward in the wild in the vicinity, allowing you to finally catch it. To increase your chances of meeting Detective Pikachu in Pokemon GO, then, all you have to do is take as many photos as possible for your little monsters.

We remind you that you will be able to meet a maximum of one Detective Pikachu per day and that the theme event dedicated to the film will be available to all coaches until May 17th.